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What my clients are saying:

Young Doctor

"As a registered nurse, I daily work around and often absorb the energy of the people I care for. Ronda's biofeedback sessions help to remove the negative energies from me and restore my energy balance while at the same time give me direction to move towards and attain goals that I have set for myself. As a result, I recharge quicker and cope better with the dramatic shifts that occur on this life journey of growing and healing."


Feng Shui Client since 2004

Priscilla B. Prunedale, CA

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Home Entrance

"WOW. I just walked into my house; the change inside is really noticeable. Hard to put into words, but very profound. The vibration is extremely high, almost like my body moves thru the space with more ease, more cleanly. The air space does not seem so heavy. Like it was "washed squeaky clean." I am God-smacked at the change. This is the most incredible feeling. I feel very privileged to be able to receive this gift of Ronda's work. I am humbly grateful."                                         

Linda Fujioka

Boise, ID


"I have been utilizing Ronda's Quantum Biofeedback work since 2009 yet I had been experiencing Quantum Biofeedback since 1999. 

I finally found someone who melts with the machine in such a way that even with sessions done remotely, I literally feel the vibrations generated. Ronda assists me in monitoring my health. I have recommended Ronda unequivocally in the past and will continue to do so." 

Author Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Tri-Cities, TN

Know The Name   Book Series

Aura Change.jpg

Ronda is amazingly accurate in the assessment of my energetic issues. The most recent issue occurred when I was being psychically attacked.  I was feeling depressed and hopeless, as well as having great anxiety.  This was not a normal state for me, so I was desperate to return to my happy self.  By running me on her biofeedback device she found an entity and several energy blocks in my auric field.  After a couple of hours it cleared, and I felt such relief.  I was restored to my own emotions of being calm, happy and at peace.  Thank you, Ronda, for all your help and healing abilities.  



Attorney at Law

Yuma, AZ

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