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Interior Design Enchantments

Ronda thrives at using her natural artistic talent and extensive diverse background to create harmonious uplifting environments.  Assisting designers, architects, builders and clients, Ronda welcomes and succeeds at working with a wide variety of styles and modalities by quickly grasping what the client wants and needs. Working sketches help the client visualize and refine their ideas so that approval of the desired outcome can be easily agreed upon and realized.  Ronda delights in creating personalized spaces that combines her unique techniques with not only good design but including Classical 5 Element Feng Shui and Quantum Biofeedback systems.  The combination is sure to add enchantment to all who live and visit an environment touched by Ronda at Happy Healthy Homes.

Ronda is passionate about creating joyful expansive spaces that speak to who YOU are.  Honoring your uniqueness, she masterfully works with color, patterns, design and style to create an exquisite and tasteful elegance.  She excels at designing beautifully enhanced living spaces that are representative of YOU and your family! 

Always interested in the architecture and the structuring of spaces, Ronda has artistically designed interiors of hundreds of homes and businesses, both new construction and remodel projects.  She is a creative soul using a hands-on approach backed by years of experience and holds a MA in art and a BA in interior design.  She has an incredible intuitive sense of what is needed (sometimes even before the client does) and can then sketch an image to present her concept which visually clarifies the direction of the project.


Her portfolio of skills expanded when she completed classical training from one of the top Feng Shui Masters in the world.  She also thrives on creating environmentally friendly spaces.  This adds a level of harmony to each space producing near magical results, a holistic environment that is totally balanced and creates a sanctuary of positivity that will not just support but enhance your entire being. 

Ronda travels extensively to do her work; helping you design or re-design your spaces, raising home values, creatively utilizing budgets and being a noted listener, public speaker and personal shopper.


I invite you to talk with Ronda, to create an extraordinarily enchanted space together - for YOU!

Call Ronda's cell at 831.521.0861

What Ronda's Clients are Saying:

Michael Fletcher
Developer Las Palmas Ranch
Salinas, CA
"Ronda's advice and judgement has been sound and practical;
it's beautiful to see.  She has a unique talent to fight for good design and at the same time,
be willing to adjust to the strong desires of the client. 
I have found Ronda to be
personal yet professional in every way. and recommend her to anyone in need of truly professional advise."
Outa Hartman
Artisans' Interior & Gallery
Seaside, CA
"This is a unique designer who has the calm and professionalism that respects all people to whom she relates.  Her style is unique to each of her clients. She is disciplined and focused, a careful communicator. Her clients know she is on the job.  She understands the importance of getting the work completed professionally and as quickly as possible.  It has been a joy to work with her exceptional design skills."
"Ronda has been a great help! 
She’s steered us in the right direction and given us valuable insight to make our purchases meaningful and just what we needed.  She recommended a great paint color and has helped us each step of the way. We typically like to do things on our own, but with Ronda’s help, it’s been a much easier process.  We love the things we’ve purchased and appreciate the time and support Ronda has given us."
Home Owner
Lawrence, KS
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