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Classical 5 Element Feng Shui


       Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway), the 6000-year-old Chinese art of placement, can promote good health, improve relationships and enhance prosperity.  It works with physical aspects as well as invisible energies in relations to direction, time and space.  The correct positioning of appropriate colors and elements around your home and office helps you receive optimum benefits while fitting into any style and décor.

Create a Happy Healthy Home!
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Feng Shui is not related to any religion or belief system.

It is a scientific discipline based on the analysis of energy.

How does Feng Shui work?


       A structure is a container of energy that has great influence on the well-being of its residents. The power is in the subtle interior and exterior environment.  Feng Shui works with the manipulation of this energy: sometimes it means simply creating good design, clearing the clutter, or often adding a color or element. Yet other times an energetic space clearing is beneficial. Whatever the issue, once the space is brought into balance the occupants come into greater harmony. Life simply runs more smoothly! 

Classical Feng Shui Explained:

       Throughout ancient China, Classical Feng Shui was a closely guarded discipline used as a tool to ensure good health, wealth, and power of the imperial dynasties. The keepers of the secret knowledge were the Feng Shui Masters, the highly respected scientists and astronomers who were charged with sustaining good fortune, longevity and prosperity. 


The American Feng Shui Institute defines Feng Shui as literally meaning

“wind and water” signifying the ancient study of the natural environment.

       Classical, or Traditional Feng Shui should not be confused with Western Feng Shui that is associated primarily with applications using the “Bagua Map” method for locating the “love corner” or the “wealth corner” of a home.  Classical Feng Shui rejects this over-simplified methodology.  Every building has its own unique energy characteristics. There is no pat answer, no one size fits all solution for maximizing energy flow.  Simply placing a faux-Chinese artifact in a particular corner is not the answer.  Traditional Feng Shui uses a much more complex scientific approach to subtly shift energy. There is no guess work, no new age gimmicks to achieve a harmonious environment.  

What is involved in a Feng Shui Consultation?

          During a complete Classical Feng Shui consultation, I meet with clients at the site to discuss the challenges and problems that they have.  Pertinent information is gathered on the physical property, both indoors and out, including a compass reading of the building, birth information of the people living inside, and the year that the structure was constructed.  If a blue print is not available, measurements of the space and photos are taken to assist in the evaluation.

   Using proven scientific formulas this information helps determine the appropriate remedy required in each area. A clear, accurate and easy to understand written analysis will describe energetic characteristics of the space.        To help implement the recommended harmonizing solutions, the resulting ‘Energetic Blueprint’ will describe the most effective positioning of remedies making implementation easy to follow. The report will also describe subtle energies affecting each unique occupant in their space. A personalized evaluation of the occupant’s energy characteristics includes their best sleeping direction, best direction to achieve greater focus, and their alignment with subtle energies to better understand themselves in relation to environment and other people.  

Feng Shui Services:

Happy Healthy Homes Feng Shui report

It is very empowering to uncover

the hidden potential of your environment and receive the

optimum benefits it has to offer. 


Not unlike sages thousands of years ago, Ronda addresses and obtains effective results 

for all types of situations based on her extensive training, years of experience and intuitive sense.

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