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Quantum Biofeedback

Clear & Enhance
Your Energy Non-Invasively

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Stress comes in many forms.

Here are a few things Ronda can and has addressed.

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The device is designed to wake up the bodies natural vital force to manage pain; the body does all the work. Inflammation around bones, muscle, dental, from accident or toxic exposure, generalized or specific, can all be addressed on the OMNIS. Avert a healing crisis, avoid chemicals by reducing pain and retraining the body to heal itself naturally.

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Tension & Stress

Are you stressed tight like a cable under tension? Family, work and world affairs can cause a tension on the nervous system which deplete the adrenal glands and keep you in "Fight and Flight" mode. Over time these stressors end up causing dis-ease in the physical and mental bodies.  Retrain these stressor with the OMNIS Quantum Biofeedback System today.


Super Learning 

Memory enhancement is beneficial for critical loss  situations like Dementia and Alzheimer's but also studying for an exam, increasing your job capabilities or simply wanting to sharpen your brain. Enhance your focused attention, train your brains ability to remember, become a Super Learner!


Sleep issues

Are you having difficulty sleep well on a regular basis? Whether  caused by a health problem or by too much stress, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common. Let the Quantum Biofeedback System help you  retrain your body to manage your stress. Be on top of your game, every day.

Therapy Session


Smoking, alcohol, drugs, chemical dependency, sugar cravings, co-dependence issues can create everything from liver complaints, hepatis, candid problems, emotional hardship, relationship, and financial issues. Retrain the body to release the desire for these addictions while enhancing your willpower to succeed.

Dark Clouds

Psychological Distress

Emotional Issues such as depression, grief, addiction, traditionally are addressed by prescribing biofeedback.  Suppressed wave shapes inside cells or environments continue to resonate with those negative emotions. Long term grief for example can create an attractor field reinforcing more of the same.  Often these negative emotions underlie chronic symptoms or conditions.

Medicinal Herb

Psychic Attack

Psychic attack can strike in two forms: first, a purposeful mental assault by someone using occult power, or secondly, negative thoughts of others. Coworkers or family members may not be purposely attacking, but their negative thoughts about you can generate anxiety, depression, and health problems.  Remove yourself from their grip; put up a protective shield for your protection

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An off label use of the OMNIS is to awaken and help you self-realize your truth. Retrain the pineal gland to be open to higher spiritual insights and the intelligence of knowing. Retrain past karma, release karmic bonds, clear and balance your chakras, and retrain what has been holding you back from enlightenment. Be on your Divine life path.


Pet Enhancements

Our pets are a very important part of our lives. Unable to tell us exactly what's going on for them, the Quantum Biofeedback System is a valuable feedback tool. It can identify physical and emotional issues, then send back supportive frequencies to retraining whatever shows up. They respond so well, it is wonderful to watch the transformation. 

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Dis-ease Issues

come from many difference sources: bacteria, virus, infection, inflammation, parasite invaders, allergies, a weak immune system, toxins from the environment like glyphosate (Round-up), molds, yeast, and fungus type things.  According to German New Medicine most dis-ease has an emotional component believing that even cancer’s progression is primarily controlled by the brain. 

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Early Childhood Abuse

is often blocked from one’s consciousness or suppressed to some extent.  Later in life issues resulting from the subconscious underlying trauma may present themselves.  With the OMNIS Biofeedback System these emotions from a preverbal time in one’s life can be successfully retrained in a non-verbal way where traditional verbal forms of therapy may fail. 


Sport Enhancements

can re-educate muscles, improve focused performance, strengthen willpower, program yourself for superior performance and optimal emotional balance to stay in “The Zone”.  Win your game of golf, steer wrestling competition or simply get motivated to go to the gym. Subliminal messages have proven to re-program the sub-conscious mind to work for you in healthy and powerful ways.

Excess weight stresses the body.

Adrenal type.png

Adrenal Weight

can come on suddenly as a result of experiencing a stressful event, illness or death of a family member for example. Cortisol is the acting hormone protecting the organs from perceived danger thus depositing fat over the mid-section of the body resulting in belly fat. The body is either tricked into making more estrogen or the toxins in our food, dental materials and in our environment (such as pesticides and insecticides) are strong estrogen mimickers adding to the weight problem.  Retrain the body to reduce the adipose lumpy fat, improve adrenal function and builds muscle.

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Thyroid Weight

is a slow steady weight that comes on over the whole body from an under active thyroid. This can often happen after the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. 


Fluoride is another element that can cause the suppression of the thyroid. This overall weight is not fatty, it is a non-lumpy tissue that needs to be treated completely differently with the OMNIS Biofeedback System.

Liver Type.png

Liver Weight

is often identified as a protruding belly which is not actually a beer belly but fluid within the intestinal space. The liver is not able to detoxify as it needs to and muscles atrophy in other parts of the body causing the belly to look expanded. Toxins (such as pharmaceuticals, have an impact on the body electric) not being removed from the liver create a mucus type fluid that the OMNIS Biofeedback System can help to identify and retrain. The lymphatic system may then need assistance to remove these toxins. Often shoulder pain issues accompany this type of weight issue. It is the easiest weight to get rid of.

Ovary type.png

Ovarian Weight

creates a pear-shaped woman accumulating fat in the lower belly, hips and thighs.  This could be brought on by an emotional attachment from sexual trauma, miscarriages, abortion, even toxic shock syndrome.  Even if the ovaries have been removed the memory is still there.


The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help retrain the stress related to both the hormones and emotions.


Inflammatory Weight

 Swelling all over the body like a systemic edema, can be caused by stressors like prednisone, food poisoning, allergies, viral issue, etc. This weight type is strictly related to stress focused on the organs that are just fatter, inflamed from a mucous like material.  Pencil stools is the bodies way of getting the inflammatory substance out quickly.  Retrain and reduce inflammatory stress.


Hidden Emotional Issues

may have inspired a weight gain from addictive behaviors, passive aggressive disorder, self-destructive behaviors, a defense mechanism protecting one on some level or a variety of underlying causes. 


The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help identify, stabilize mood and re-pattern old destructive habits.


Hypothalamus Weight

is caused by overeating because one never feels full.  There may be an eating disorder as a reaction to one’s own internal frustration.

The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help balance the hypothalamus for weight reduction from this unrecognized stress. 

combination 2.png

Combination of Types

can cause weight issues which may involve several of the above. Willpower can also be infused to assist in a shift of consciousness.


 The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help reduce the stress in one’s body for all types of weight issues.   



Create emotional resilience in your conscious

and subconscious minds. 

  • Exposure to media and life will trigger stress chemicals in the brain. Build resilience in your consciousness, nervous system, and subconscious reactivity.

  • Release emotional tension in the body; your belief system accumulates negative neurotransmitters and stress chemicals which can trigger emotional chemicals. 

  • Be on your best divine life path by clearing impedance to your soul; realize greater awareness and discernment.

  • Build clarity of mind with brain balancing to surrender to your vision, purpose, and values by overcoming your limited beliefs.

  • Develop more self-confidence; manage difficult people and strengthen your leadership capabilities.

  • Develop new strategies for problem solving; create more freedom and choice over a fixed mindset.

In person sessions are very powerful.  Relaxing in a reclining chair in my office you will be connected to the device with straps on your limbs and head. The OMNIS will read your galvanic skin response as it tests your response to over 11,000 frequencies within 5 minutes at computer speed.  Many also experience the retraining remotely.   
A 2-hours in person session is $180
Three 2-hour sessions at the discounted price of $495 (highly recommended for best retraining results).
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The OMNIS has an accuracy founded in over 30 years of research in the field of bio-electric and bio-response medicine.  This device is the latest upgrade of the QXCI, SCIO, EPFX, INDIGO and EDUCTOR systems.  


The OMNIS provides awareness to the conscious and subconscious body that helps enhance performance, increases energy levels, relaxes and decreases stress, simply improving one’s general wellness.  The sensitivity is set so fine as to pick up the earliest sign of disease and distress, thus the results may be below the client’s recognition. 

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